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URIT-910A Electrolyte Analyzer



  •  High-accurate and long life electrode
  •  Individual reagent ,cost effective
  •  Simple YES/NO prompted operation
  •  Auto-prompting and eliminating malfunction
  •  Power failure protection to avoid data losing


  • Analysis Method: ion selective electrode (ISE)
  • Parameters: K, Na, Cl, iCa, nCa, tCa, pH
  • Test Speed: 45 seconds/sample
  • Sample: serum, plasma , cerebrospinal fluid and diluted urine
  • Calibration: Self-calibration
  • Storage: 5000test results (can be extended to more than 10000)
  • Printer: Built-in printer
  • Ambient: work temperature: 5-40 0C relative humidity:≤80% RH
  • Power: 220V±10V, 50Hz-60Hz,can transfer to 110V,50-60Hz
  • Interface: Serial port(RS232)
  • Dimension: 390mm×216mm×420mm

Range & Precision:

Model no.




Parameter Range of Measurement Resolution Precision(CV%)
    K+ 0.5~15.0mmol/L 0.01mmol/L ≤1.5%
Model no. Urit-910C Na+ 30~200mmol/L 0.1mmol/L ≤15%
Parameter- K+,Na+,Cl+, C1+ 30~200mmol/L 0.1mmol/L ≤1.5%
  Ca++,PH Ca++ 0.2~5.0mmol/L 0.01mmol/L ≤2.5%
    PH 6~9pH 0.01pH ≤3.0%


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