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BPL Defibrillator 2509 R Monopahsic



DF 2509/R is a portable defibrillator/monitor powered by internal battery or AC powered. They combine a 360 joule defibrillator, ECG monitor in a compact, lightweight package. The salient features include display of ECG, ECG lead selection heart rate.  Heart rate alarm, QRS volume control, every selection fast charge, auto disarm, massages and alerts.


  • 5.7″ LCD Monochrome Display with backlight
  • < 5 secs to charge to 360J with battery
  • 100 charge/discharge of 360J with fully charged new battery
  • Event Recording
  • Thermal Printing
  • LCD for sharp bright non-fade display
  • Visual and Audible charge indicator

Description & Technical Specifications:


Operating Controls And Indications  :

The defibrillator controls and indicators are located on the front panel. AC inputs receptacle and the equipotential   earthing pin are located on the rear side of the defibrillator.

The Front Panel Operating Controls   :

The defibrillator function controls and indicators are located on the right side of the keypad. The printer functions controls; are located at the center of the keypad. The ECG monitoring functions controls are located towards the left side of the keypad.

DF 2509/R Defibrillator- Specifications Data

Parameter – Specification


  • Defibrillator waveform   : 5m sec. monophasic  lown pulse
  • Energy select with external paddles : 0 to 360 joules in steps of 2,3,5,7,10,20,30,50,70,100,150,200,300,360
  • Energy select with internal paddles : 0 to 50 joules in steps of 2,3,5,7,10,20,30,50
  • Energy select controls : momentary energy select keys on front panel
  • Energy select indicator : on screen, energy select menu is displayed in 2 sets. The selected energy level is separately displayed in bold
  • Paddle assembly : detachable type external paddle assembly with coiled retractable high voltage cable. Adult and pediatric paddles integrated into same handle.
  • Adult paddle of 84.5 – cm square area. Pediatric paddle of 20-cm square area.
  • Charge Control : momentary charge key on front panel and on apex paddle.
  • Charge Ready Indication : Charge done LED on front panel CHARGE key and charge done LED on APEX  paddle. A charge done continuous one, which can be user, disabled.
  • Disarm Control : Two momentary key press of ENERGY SELECT  control will disarm the charge. After 60 secs  fro charge ready, unit will disarm internally.
  • Synchronizer :  Energy delivered within 30msec of detected R-wave peakSYNC message displayed on screen. Sync LED illuminates in sync mode & blinks during each detected QRS wave. Sync marker appears on both screen and recorder strip. Additional marker on the recorder strip indicates discharging point.
  • Frequency Response : 0.5 to 35 hz
  • Heart Rate Display : Displayed on the screen digitally range from 10 to 300 BPM
  • Heart Rate Accuracy : +_ 2 BPM or +_ 2% whichever nis higher
  • Heart Rate Alarms : Audible tone is generated if HR  limits are violated. 3 sets of high and low alarm limits are available. The limits are configurable in the setup menu from 20 to 300 BPM in steps of 1 BPM
  • QRS TONE : User adjustable audible tone with every detection of QRS
  • ALARM/ALERT TONE : User adjustable audible tone for alert message and HR alarm
  • ECG Out : 1 V/mV
  • Patient Cable Length : 2.5 meters.
  • Electrical Isolation : Input protected against high voltage defibrillator pulses and electro surgery interference.
  • Freeze : The freeze option is available only in the units without recorder (in DF 2509. Freezes the ECG trace on the screen. HR calculation & alarm limits will be still active. MARK key is used to FREEZE  and removes the FREEZE.
  • Classification : Class 1,CF type equipment
  • Patient leakage current : <10 mue A
  • Table 1.5 thermal printer (sbsilsblr in fg 2509r model only ).
  • Parameter – specification
  • Paper speed : 25 mm/sec + _ 1 mm
  • Paper size & type : thermal paper in rolls/ 50 mm width.20 meters
  • Print width : 40 mm
  • Event Recording :
  • Stores and prints 3 seconds pre critical data and 7 seconds post critical event data upto 24 events. Data is retained even after unit is turned off. Print Annotates :  Time, date, heart rate, hear rate limits, event marker, ECG input source, ECG selected gain, defibrillator mode, selected and delivered energy.  Patient impedance, peak current & hospital name.
  • Recorder  mode :  Can be configured to automatically record events and ECG during defibrillation episodes.
  • Delivered Energy : Delivered energy displayed on screen after indication defibrillation. Patient impedance and peak current also printed on the  recorder strip. (Only in DF 2509 R [with recorder]).
  • Charge Time : 360 joules in less than 5 secs with fully charged battery.
  • Classification : Class 1.BF type equipment
  • Patient Leakage Current : < 100 mue  A
  • Display size : 5.7” diagonal (120 X 90 mm),backlit STN LCD non fade type with CCFL  backlight,320X240 Pixels
  • Sweep speed : 25 mm/sec nominal
  • Display Time : 4 seconds
  • ECG Input Modes : ECG input through paddles r 3 lead patient cable, lead 1,2,3 or PADDLES selectable
  • Selected ECG input source is indicated on display
  • Leads off motivation : Leads off message appears on screen with alert tone if a lead becomes disconnected
  • User gain settings : 8 level setting : x 0.25,0.5,0.75,1.0,1.5,2,3 and 4
  • 1mV Calibration : A vertical bar line is displayed continuously at the left end of trace. The height varies with gain setting and indicates height of 1mV signal
  • Reset Recovery : Automatic return of waveform within 0.5 secs after electrical overload or defibrillation
  • Common Mode Rejection : > 90 db@50hz
  • Input Impedance : > 2.5 m


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