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BPL Lifephone Plus


BPL LifePhonePlus gives you the freedom of monitoring your health from the comfort of your home, office or even any outdoor location. Now it is easy than ever before to acquire a 12 Lead ECG as and when required. Apart from taking an ECG, it also keeps track of your daily activities like number of steps walked, calories burnt, changes in heart rate, etc.

All-in-One Home health & wellness monitoring solution includes

  • A self-use device that can record ECG, measure blood glucose* & monitor physical activity of the user.
  • An Android Consumer app to command the mHealth device to collect vital signs & save to/retrieve from the LifePhone+ Cloud server.
  • Secured Cloud server to store the ECG, Blood Glucose & Activity records.
  • A Specialist App to assist a doctor to check the measurements & update the user with clinical advisories.
  • Available in 2 variants: LifePhone Plus and LifePhone Plus BG.

*Blood Glucose monitoring available in BPL LifePhone+ BG


Salient Features

  • The device works with Android Smartphones* with 2G or 3G connection and with BlueTooth connectivity.Receive personalized advice from the care giver any time, any place.
  • A self-use hand-held & light-weight mobile healthcare device
  • Records 12 Lead ECG without Patient cables & Gel
  • Measures Blood Glucose levels (Available in BPL LifePhone+ BG)
  • Monitors Physical Activity with 3-axis Accelerometer
  • Personalized Specialist Consultation through Mobile Phone
  • Secured Personal Health Record Storage

*BPL LifePhone Plus applications are supported on most Android phones running Android Gingerbread or later.


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